28 March 2016

Time to get moving

Today is my last day of break. That means that I will need to be doing all this stuff to get the house ready while I'm working. Ugh!!! This is not going to be fun. Not. At. All. The first thing on the horizon is the garage sale. That will be this Saturday. I hope to have most everything we want to sell ready to go. If there are some things we miss, that should be okay. But definitely need to get rid of the majority of stuff this weekend. Once that is all gone, I think it will be easier to get the rest done. Right now there is just too much stuff in this house. Need to get some of the big stuff out so we can move.

Got up this morning super early and I'm sitting here yawning my face off. I'm not sure if I should start my plans for the day or take a nap. I think I'll start my day and it will begin with feeding the birds.

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