11 July 2016

A ghost town

Today we went here. It was really cool. We walked and walked and walked and then took the train around. It was really a lot of fun. Plus there was some beautiful artwork there that I want to go back for once we move. Very cool.

So since the 4th, things have fallen into a kind of rhythm. I get up in the morning and go for a walk/run. Then I get Hubby up and we take the dogs to the dog park. After an hour or so, we come home and jump in the pool before breakfast. The days after that have been pretty lazy. On Sunday we never even left the house and I took 2 naps. Realizing that we can't spend the next 2 weeks or so that way, I have made a list of things to do. We will be doing something every day. Today was the first one and the ghost town won out. Of course, that will be hard to top.

I have been getting my steps in and that is awesome. I've also completed the first week of couch to 5k and I'm very proud of myself. Food has not been great. I need to get a handle on that and I'm not sure what is causing the lapse. It may be partly do to the boredom factor, which is what I'm trying to alleviate with my list of things to do.

Otherwise, life is good. I'm loving living in Arizona and it's weird to think that I live here now. Definitely getting used to this.

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