11 September 2016

Seriously lazy weekend

Sometimes you just need those. I did go to Crossfit Friday and Saturday, but not much else happened. And I'm okay with that. I feel rested and relaxed and that was what I wanted for this weekend. I realized that I do push myself kind of hard most of the time. When we first got to Arizona and there was just nothing to do, I relaxed. Really relaxed. I had nothing to really do and it was nice. I felt true relaxation for the first time in a long, long time. I napped. I swam. I read. I watched Netflix. It was amazing. I was thinking back on that and I realized that I don't relax very often. I'm always working on something or thinking about something or planning something. So I decided that taking time to really and truly relax was okay. So I did that. I didn't plan on doing it the entire weekend, but hey, stuff happens. We did take the car to the dealer on Friday for license plates, and we drove up to South Moutain yesterday, so we did get out a little bit. But today? Nothing. I loved it. So I'm feeling pretty relaxed and ready to tackle the week. I'm also feeling very sore from 2 days of Crossfit. But tomorrow it is right back at it.

Okay, I'm dying my hair and it's time to rinse.

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