10 October 2016

Sick of being sick

Last week I felt like I was getting a head cold all week. My throat hurt and I had a slight cough. But I muddled through school since it was the last week before break. I knew I could make it. When Friday came around, I had this wonderful cough that sounded like I was coughing up a lung. It felt that way too. So I rested. All. Day. Saturday I didn't feel a whole lot better. If it was possible, the cough had gotten even worse. I did go run a couple of errands but otherwise took it easy most of the day. Yesterday was better, though my throat hurt from that damn cough. We went out to lunch and did some shopping and it was fun. Oh yeah, yesterday I only took 1 nap. Friday I took like 3 and Saturday I took 2. So there was a definite improvement. By last night I was feeling pretty good, but I didn't trust that feeling. I felt good Friday night and woke up worse on Saturday - at least the cough was much worse. I did sleep very well last night and I don't remember coughing at all. Woke up this morning still feeling good. Usually, mornings are when I cough the most, but there has been very little coughing this morning. I honestly think I've rested enough and today I'm kicking it back into high gear. I want to workout. I really, really do. I am tired of resting and feeling like crap. I want to move and do things. So I think I will today. I'm going to walk the dogs and go to crossfit and walk on the treadmill. I'm going to do laundry, work on my dissertation, and work on my planning for school. I'm going to do things. I will NOT take a nap. I will work until I'm exhausted and then I will fall into bed tonight and sleep like the dead. I know I can be lazy, but forced inactivity really grates on my nerves.

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