24 May 2018

The best time of the year

It's amazing the things you get used to. I am entering my 10th year of being a teacher and I honestly cannot remember how I worked all the time. How did I survive not having summers off? Of course, my job didn't require hours and hours of prep and didn't leave me so drained I could hardly walk at the end of the day. So I guess there's that. But I sure love having summer off.

So school ended 1 week ago. Now I swore to myself that I would not waste this summer like I usually do. I would not become lazy and do nothing most of the day. I would keep up the healthy habits I had established during the school year and continue to improve my health. Well, it has not been so great this first week. I have gone to the gym and will be going again today - yay!!!  I am taking a Krav Maga class on Saturday - yay!!!  I went to agility with Mavy last night - yay!!! What I have not been doing is getting in a lot of steps - boo!!!  I started wearing my Garmin the day after school ended because I knew that I would not hit my steps unless I kept track. But that has not worked at all. So it's time to regroup and come up with a new plan of attack for fitness. I can already feel my body responding to the inactivity and it is not good. My back is hurting and my butt is sore. Time to step it up - ha, literally!!!  I need to come up with a way to spend more time on my feet than on my butt. There are a couple of problems with this and let me see if I can identify them all.

First, I don't wear clothes most of the day. Sounds weird, but I spend most of the day in my bathing suit. Because of that, I don't have shoes on for most of the day, I wear my sandals. I can't spend most of the day on my feet in my sandals because my feet/ankles will start hurting. But wait, is that just an excuse? Yes, being on my feet without my orthotics caused me a whole lot of pain - 50 lbs ago. I'm a whole lot smaller now and I don't know how my feet will react to going without the orthotics. Hmmm, something to consider. 

Second, my lack of movement tends to provoke more non-movement. So I need to keep moving at regular intervals in order to not succumb to the lure of non-movement. So I need to space movement out throughout the day instead of in bursts.

Third, I have a lot of school work to do and that requires sitting. I need to figure out a way to do it and not sit all the time. I think I can read the book on the treadmill, but it will be difficult to take notes on the treadmill. Or, is that just an excuse? I don't have to walk constantly or even fast. I can stop to take notes. I can hop off to check something. I can do whatever I want as long as I'm not sitting on my butt.

Finally, when sitting on my butt, I lose track of time. The computer or phone can be such a time suck and I'd rather spend my sitting time working on my diamond dots. So I think I need a timer for my sitting. Whenever I sit down, I set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes. When that goes off, I get up and moving again. I wonder if I could find a way to raise my laptop so that I could work on it while standing? Hmmmm.....

Okay, we are back from the park - Maverick and I walked home -  Hubby is cooking breakfast and after that I need to work out and get my activity figured out for the day. I'm off.......

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