02 January 2019

It really all comes down to

It is that simple. And that hard. Yesterday was my first day back on AltShift. I made a conscious decision in the morning that I would not eat any junk all day. I have been living on junk the past 2 weeks. But I was making a fresh start yesterday and I decided there would be no junk. Guess what? There was no junk. I looked at it a couple of times because there are bags of chips and pies sitting on my counter, but wasn't even really tempted. Ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner and was good. Had a talk with Hubby about wanting to get back on track and back to feeling like I did last summer. He's good and on board, all he wanted was a list so he knew what to cook when. So it's all good. I felt really good yesterday. I didn't feel stuffed or bloated from eating garbage and I wasn't hungry. So it's off to a good start, I just need to pay attention to my reasons for doing this. It's not to lose weight, it's to feel really, really good again.

Same with the finances. I blew it last week because I wasn't paying attention. The last 5 days, I've been paying close attention and we are back on track. It is going to be tough for a while, I'm thinking we have to cut out going out so much, but we can do it and once things get straightened out, I can keep things on track if I just pay attention.

So I need to learn to compartmentalize my time, energies, and thoughts. I need to pay attention to lots of things during my days, I just need to focus on one thing at a time. So mornings are given to meditation and getting ready for the day. Middays are working. Afternoons will be Mavy time. And evenings will be for finances and fun.

I just need to do the things I need to do. I need to pay attention. I know from past experience, anything that I don't pay attention to generally goes to sh*t. I don't want things to go to sh*t. I want things to be easy and to make them easy I need to pay attention. Pretty simple.

The other thing I want to pay attention to is the organization around my house. I came across Marie Kondo and her Konmari method of tidying and organizing. There are a lot of things I like about that, especially the idea of not keeping anything unless it brings you joy. I love that. How many times have I moved something saying to myself, 'I hate that' but I keep it?  Time to start purging from the heart. Her idea is to start with clothing as that is the hardest for most people. I'm going to start there, but unlike her, I'm not going to pull everything out of my closet and pile it on the floor, I did that not too long ago. I am going to ask if every piece gives me joy as I put things away though and I'm going to use her folding method because it looks awesome.

Okay, time to get moving.

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