20 January 2019

Still working things out

I used to make these snap decisions and immediately rush into implementing whatever weird idea crossed my mind. I would decide I needed to do something and boom, I would order or start something. These things usually never quite worked out because I didn't give them any thought or planning. But lately, I find myself doing nothing but planning and thinking things through. And this is a relatively new development, like within the last year or so.  Let's look at an example. 

I know that I need to work out. Walking is great, but I need to kick my ass a couple of days a week to really feel like myself. I also need to lift weights to build some muscle since I'm going to be hitting 60 this year. And I know that if I work out regularly, I have a much easier time staying on the food track. So I know that I need to do it. For months and months, I had a membership at LA Fitness and I didn't go. When the local CrossFit decided to add that boot camp class, I was all in. I canceled my LA Fitness membership and was ready to jump in with both feet. I went to 2 classes and realized something very quickly. The class time did not fit with my lifestyle and schedule. The class was from 6 - 7 pm. I could not eat dinner before because I can't work out on a full stomach. So I would need to wait until after to eat. I would get home around 7:15 and then eat dinner, clean up, and want to shower before bed. Well, bed for me is 8-8:30. Getting home at 7:15 and eating dinner at 7:30 did not fit an 8 - 8:30 bedtime. Also, my schedule would have been; Tues boot camp, Weds agility, Thurs boot camp. Three nights in a row I would have been out late. Agility is easier even though it is later because I can eat dinner beforehand. I get home around 8 pm, relax for a little and I'm in bed by 8:30. So Wednesday is not a problem, but if it is coming between Tuesday and Thursday boot camp, it is. I did it one week and by Thursday I was completely dead. I can't have that. My sleep is far too important to me. So that is out. But I still need to work out. I had thought of joining Planet Fitness again, but I face the dilemma of actually having to go there to work out. If I drove to and from school I could probably make that work. But I walk. I would need to walk home, get in the car and go. That runs a high risk of not happening. So I'm considering a set of dumbbells. I have a treadmill and I know lots and lots of work out moves. I could put together workouts for myself. I also have a weight lifting book by the AltShift guy. So I could follow that. That's what I would be doing if I went to a gym. This way I could work out well before dinner. I get home around 4 pm. I could relax for a bit. Workout. Relax. Eat dinner. Clean up. And still get to bed on time. I could do it anytime I feel like and not have to worry if the gym will be crowded or not. I can watch TV, listen to music or a podcast, or just do it in silence. So I think that's what I'm going to do. I need to go to Walmart today, I'm going to look there and see if they have any half way decent dumbells.  I don't need anything special. Maybe I'll even take a ride to Target. I know they have some. Okay, decision made. And now I'm off to walk the dogs. 

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