25 November 2021

Gratitude Day 4

 Is it gratitude if you feel that you have outgrown your mentor? I've been a part of DMSC for years now, years. I learned a lot from it and I've grown tremendously as a person. But I'm beginning to feel like it's just repetition now and I'm not sure it's best for me. Maybe I need to start over with it. Maybe I've gotten too comfortable with it and need to do a kind of hard reset with it. Hmmmmmm.....but I'm so very grateful for all I have learned and how much I've grown. It's hard to see in me, but I can see it when I look at others and their actions, so I am very grateful for that. 

I'm grateful for ........ oh, this is a tough one now. I'm extremely grateful for the life I live. I started out as a young adult on a not very good path in life. I had zero interest in the future and lived just for the moment. I did a lot of drugs and wasted a lot of money. Jimmy Buffett has a line in a song, I made enough money to Miami but I pissed it away so fast. That's how I felt. Thankfully I grew up before things got really, really bad and changed my ways. It has still taken years and years to recover from, but I'm in a really good place now and that makes it all worthwhile. 

What else am I grateful for. Well, I'm grateful for everything. For example, I'm grateful to be overweight. I truly am. That means that I have enough money for plenty of food and I have the luxury of time to eat it. Nothing is chasing me, or making me run or move a lot. The only way I could be overweight is if I live such a comfortable life and I'm grateful for that. 

I'm grateful for all the stuff I see when I look around this room. Wow, that sounds bad. I'm not grateful for the stuff per se, I'm grateful that money isn't a big issue. It's such a small issue that I can waste it on lots of things. Okay, that didn't come out exactly the way I had hoped it would. 

Okay, that's enough for today. 

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