30 November 2021

Sore knee/leg/back

 Well my knee/leg/back is still sore. It's not exactly pain, it's more like weakness. I don't know what's going on but I do wish it would go away. Yesterday it was good but this morning it feels a little bit worse. I don't mind a little pain and adjusting to doing new things, but this needs to go. My knee feels like it's going to give out when I walk and that is not good. I end up limping a little bit so that I don't keep pressure on that knee, and I end up walking with a straighter knee than normal. I tend to kind of lock the knee and that is not good at all. So it needs to go away. Other than that I'm feeling pretty good. I knew that it would be an adjustment to running, so I'm okay with this. I'll wait until it passes then try again. Eventually the body will realize that I am serious and it will adapt. 

Okay, timer is going to go off so I'm out. 

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