29 December 2021

Reviewing habits

 I'm going to post about my habits and habit chains for the next few post as I review them and try to tweak them. 

Morning Routine (during break, things are a little different when working): 

  • Get up
  • Put robe on
  • Pee
  • Brush teeth
  • Put on slippers
  • Put on Chapstick
  • Put on glasses
  • Head out to kitchen
These are all pretty neutral habits and really done on autopilot. 

  • Blow my nose
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Make 1st cup of coffee
  • Heat and steam creamer
  • Head to office
These again are pretty neutral, they are just a series of things I do every morning. 

  • Set up phone for mediation - I try very hard not to look at any notifications, check email, or look at Facebook but sometimes those things happen anyway. 
So this is generally positive but can have negative parts because of checking social media. 
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
This is definitely a positive
  • Turn on computer for blogging - this is another area where it can be dangerous. I try to go straight to the blogging site, but sometimes I will 'glance' at email or Facebook just to check something really quick. 
This is also generally positive or neutral, but I can get caught up in nonsense with email and FB and that can make it negative. 
  • Blog/Journal - if it's a workday, I do this for 10 minutes only. If it's not a workday, I do it as long as I want to. 
This is definitely positive. It helps me to sort out my day, my intentions, my plans, whatever. This is good. 
  • At this point I will usually check email or Facebook. I tell myself it will just be a quick check and it usually ends up being much longer than that. 
This is negative. 
  • Go make 2nd cup of coffee
This is pretty neutral. I don't always drink the whole cup, but I usually make it because after I make it I 
  • Go sit in my chair, turn on the fireplace and read until Hubby gets up. I only do this part on non-workdays. I just don't have time on workday mornings. 
This is most definitely positive. I've read self-help books, fiction books, books for school. This is one of my favorite times of the morning. 

That's kind of the morning routine. Once Hubby gets up, noise ensues and things get moving. So I'm going to stop here for now and review the rest of my morning in another post. 

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