06 December 2021

Trans Siberian Orchestra

 What a show. We went last night for the 3pm show and how amazing it was. They always put on an amazing show with music, lights, fire, so awesome. 

I had a weird dream just before I woke up. I dreamt that my daughter bought a house in Hawaii. Specifically Mililani for $171,000. Ummmm.....there are so many things that are a fantasy about this I can't even dig in. But yeah, that was interesting. 

Don't really have a whole lot more to say. The knee is so, so much better. Still a little sore, but at least now I can walk relatively normally. So there was a whole series of problems with this thing. Something was sore or pulled or whatever, that was causing issues with my knee. It felt like my knee was swollen, though it technically wasn't. Because it was swollen, I had a hard time bending it or straightening it completely. That made walking a challenge and caused me to walk funny. The walking funny caused pain to my back and hip because they were off kilter. It's a whole thing. Now that things are getting better it will take a few days for everything to kind of settle back into place. 

At TSO last night, the seats are so close together that my knees were bumping up against the seat in front of me. Me!!!! I'm 5'4". I always have leg room in seats. Not at Footprint Center. So that made the night fun. Thankfully the show is so engaging that I didn't really notice while they were playing. 

This week I'm going to work on my planner more. I need to stop wasting so much time on screens. I come home and play my Switch for 45 minutes while I'm cruising Facebook. I don't mind playing games when I have time, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let games control my time - which is so valuable. So this week is going to be a week of far less screen time. My hours after school and before bed are few and they are precious. I don't want to waste my life behind a screen. 

Alright, time's up. Time to get this Monday under way. 

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