18 February 2022

New doctor experience today

 So today I have an appointment with a concierge type doctor. I pay $150 a month to have access to a more holistic doctor for my medical needs. I will be able to call/face time with them whenever I need them and they will act as my primary doctor. At least that is how I understand it. Today I am going for the baseline appointment. They will be doing a body scan, blood work, and I believe genetic testing to determine where I am and where I need to go. I'm kind of interested and am looking forward to it with a little trepidation. I think the trepidation comes from it being a doctor. They always cause a little fear and concern, but I'm not really worried. I'm basically healthy and this is just another step to help me stay that way. 

Because of this appointment I will probably not make it to the gym today. That's okay. I have 5 days to get 2 workouts in. I can go tomorrow and Monday - thought that will probably be a little crazy with the holiday. Or I can go tomorrow and Tuesday. Or Sunday and Tuesday. Or any other combination thereof. So I'm not too worried about getting the gym in this weekend. Just not sure which days it will happen on. 

I don't have much of anything else. I didn't start a tree so it really doesn't matter how long I write. So I think I'll call it here. I need to go shower and get ready. I'm running late today because Hubby got up before me. 😲 Yeah, that never happens but it when it does it changes the routine. So it's time to go shower. 

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