13 March 2022


I've kind of had it with this nonsense. Wow, have I said that before? I'm doing good, making some changes but I'm frustrated with the changes I haven't made. Why can't I just change everything all at once? Okay, I know that doesn't work and I know that I'm throwing a little bit of a hissy fit here. I just need to keep moving forward. I'm actually making decent progress and feeling really good. 

Let's look at the way I'm feeling: 

  • I don't crave sugar anymore - that's huge but quite honestly something I can turn on and off fairly easily
  • I don't have this huge belly, okay, well I still have a huge belly but it's getting softer and squishier. It doesn't stick straight out in front, but it's gotten more droopier. That doesn't sound good but it actually is. It's losing it's shape hopefully because the underlying fat is being eaten away. 
  • I've been going to the gym fairly regularly. That is huge. Really, really huge. Because I know that muscle will burn more calories and therefore should burn the stored fat I have just to survive. Yay!
  • I've found a cardio that I enjoy, Supernatural, that is great but not too long. I will never go back to miles of running, swimming, biking, etc. But I do need cardio, cardio helps burn fat. But it has to be done in moderation and not put your body in stress. Anyway, I have found a cardio that I really enjoy and it makes me sweat like crazy and that I actually want to do. 
  • My knee is improving. Slowly, slowly, but it is. I can actually stand and have less pain then when I sit. So that makes me want to stand and move more. 
So things are improving. I just need to be patient and keep things going. I had some soft pretzels at lunch on Friday and OMG did I pay for it yesterday. I had some diarrhea in the morning and it was horrible. Luckily it cleared pretty quickly and I was good the yesterday. Well, except for a piece of an Oreo churro. That sounded so amazing, but honestly it was bleh..... I could live without it. But I did taste it. 

Tomorrow we go back to school and I want to have a plan for breakfasts and lunches. Hubby puts the lunch together, but I think I'm going to take over the side things. I want to eat more fruit, so I'm thinking a piece of fruit with every meal. I also need to get some breakfast stuff. Yogurt with fruit is really good. 

Okay, my tree is done and so am I. Off to face the day. 

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