03 April 2022

A change of attitude

 Hmmm...not really so much attitude as perspective I guess. I went to the PT on Friday like I posted about yesterday. I did not use my Voltaren cream yesterday and my knee felt amazing all day long. Which only reinforced my thoughts that exercise is the key to everything I want as I continue my journey though life. See, it all comes down to the fact that in 5-6 years I'll finally be able to retire. When I do that I don't want to sit home and do nothing just waiting to die. I want to do things. I'm thinking we might splurge on a camper van and just drive around. Stop and sleep wherever we feel like and just cruise. Maybe do that one to two weeks at a time, whenever the mood hits. There are so many things I want to see in this country and then maybe once a year take a trip overseas. I do not want my physical body to hold me back from doing the things I want to do. Also, I have worked hard all my life, I want to enjoy my last few years. Okay, enough maudlin stuff, let's talk about good stuff. 

So last night I did my PT exercises and it took me about an hour. Of course, I think I over did the number of reps on some things. So I need to figure out how to get all this in with the time I have at night. Unless absolutely necessary, I will leave school by 3:30pm. That puts me home a little after 4pm. That gives me approximately 4 hours until I have to start winding down for bed. If PT takes an hour that means from 7 - 8 is PT time. Dinner is usually around 6pm. That leaves me from 4 - 6 to get my workout in for the day. I think I will alternate Supernatural and my body weight/half ball cards that I just ordered. So I'll walk Mavy and ride my bike from 4-5 and from 5-6 I'll do my workout. 6-7 is dinner hour and then it's time for PT. This will only happen Monday - Thursday, or the school days. Friday, Saturday, and Sundays I'll sprinkle these things throughout the day. I'll have to start walking Mavy in the mornings soon due to the heat and I may do that even on school days, take him on a short walk in the mornings. My ultimate goal is to up the activity levels, get stronger, and lose some of this bodyfat. 

Okay, I'm good for now. Need to go and do some reading, my book is getting good. 

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