19 May 2022

A quick update

 So many, many things.  First my head cold seems to be completely gone and that is a good thing. Second, I have been so very, very tired this week and not completely sure why. Part of it has to do with the end of the year and part of it has to do with boredom in classes. We aren't doing anything new and that is just boring for me. 

My new scale is amazing. Part of the reason I thought I was so tired was that I wasn't eating enough food. I had stopped eating breakfast - which is not bad in and of itself but I wasn't making up the calories I missed. Then lunch would be a salad and that is just not enough calories. Also, I had stopped my apple/peanut butter snack after school. So that is part of the reason I think I was getting so tired. So yesterday I added all those things back in again and this morning my weight was down. Weird, huh? But I truly believe that your body responds to stress by holding on. If you aren't eating enough, it holds on to fat to keep you alive. If you aren't drinking enough water, it holds onto what you do drink because you need it. If you aren't getting enough of some mineral, it holds on to it. So by not eating enough food, I was forcing my body to hold on to it and not use it and that was making me tired. When I ate normally yesterday, my body was all, ,oh cool, she's got food again - yay! To me this is all knowledge that I can use. Same way with my Whoop, just getting enough sleep doesn't mean it's good sleep. I need to work on that next. 

Okay, that's really it. I have to go. 

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