20 August 2022

Changing the mindset

 Last week I dissected my schedule to try and find time to fit exercise in during the day. The fact of the matter is that mornings are out. I have tried and tried to squeeze a little bit of exercise into my mornings and it just doesn't work. I like my mornings to be calm and trying to fit a square peg in a round hole just makes it too stressful. So I had to shift my mindset and just accept the fact that I cannot exercise in the mornings during the workweek. Okay, once I accepted that life got much calmer for me. So I can workout on the weekends, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So that's what I'm going to do. I went to the gym yesterday and am going again here in a few minutes. I will go again tomorrow. I can only do what I can do and I have accepted that. I do want to do Supernatural in the afternoons before dinner. I didn't do that this week for a variety of reasons that may or may not stick. I've been trying to be very focused and purposeful in my work so that I get things done and they are not weighing on my mind. On both Monday and Tuesday, I came home and worked on Johns Hopkins for few hours. On Wednesday I jumped into the pool and had no reason not to do Supernatural except that I was tired (that is not a good excuse at all). Thursday was the same thing, no good reason just didn't do it. So I'm going to break that habit this week. I will do Supernatural at least 3 days this week (that means work days). I will also do it 3 days on the weekend, for a total of 6 days. That's just the way it has to be. I can only fit so much in my day and I just have to make that work. 

Now, an update on the saga of the knee/calf. So the knee/calf has been good for the past week or so but I had this little pain in my knee that was annoying and making it hard to walk/bend my knee. I have had that pain before and just thought it was something that my knee did occasionally. Hubby needed to take his insoles in for a check up and I decided to get mine checked also. Well, turns out that my feet have changed due to wearing these insoles and that is what was causing the pain in my knee/calf/back. I will admit that I felt so stupid for never thinking that the insoles were the cause of all that I was going through. For almost a year, I've been battling my knee/back/calf and never once did it occur to me that it could be the insoles. Part of the reason was that I had gotten my insoles checked just before this all started so I didn't think it could be the problem. It was. Hubby's feet had also changed and he needed new insoles too so that was his problem also. We went there on Sunday and I've been wearing my new insoles all week and I've been completely pain free. Completely. Pain. Free. Unbelievable. So, me feeling so good has led to me being much more aware of what I'm eating and when. Also more aware of my movement and activity levels. It's amazing how pain, even little pain, can drag you down and make you so miserable. Life is good again.  After going to the Good Feet Store, I bought new hiking boots and plan to start hiking as soon as the weather cooperates. I was going to go this weekend, but we were supposed to have a big storm so I decided not to go. Looks like I could have gone. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. Anyway, I need to get to the gym before it gets too much later. 

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