22 October 2022

Annual SF trip

 Every year C goes up to SF to go to 49er game with his son. It's a good weekend for him, he gets away, gets to a game, and gets to spend time with C2. It's also a good weekend for me as I can really do whatever I want. Yesterday I took Mavy on a hike in the Superstition mountains then spent the rest of the day crafting. It was really good. Today I'm heading out to lunch and a little shopping with a coworker and then more crafting this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll be working on school work and getting ready for the week. Monday C comes home so I'll need to pick him up from the airport after school. So yeah, overall a really good weekend for everyone involved. 

I have not been working much on my self-care and I'm not sure exactly why. I mean, I have. Some things are just set in stone now. I meditate every morning. I try to catch my thoughts when they go south on me. Working out is still a struggle. And things like cold showers or unentertained time or mundane tasks, I just forget about them. So I need to make a habit tracker that I will actually use. I said I was going to make one last weekend and then I didn't. I'm going to do that this morning. I'm going to make a weekly one since things change week to week and I'm going to check it off every day. Oh, that's what happened. I was going to create one on my whiteboard and then never did it. Now procrastination is something I have struggled with for years and am working to get over it, but I let it get me last weekend. Not this weekend. I will make a list of things I want to track and then design my tracker. No procrastinating. 

I have come to a conclusion, actually a couple of conclusions these past couple of weeks. First, there is some people we hang out with and I think the friendship may be winding down. We were very close to begin with but over the years have just drifted apart. Part of it has to do with shifting priorities and interests. It's not bad, it just is. We have not seen them for the past 2 weeks and it's no big deal. It's interesting too, one of the partners in that couple claims to be extremely self-enlightened and very self-aware and they are not really. It's interesting to watch. They seem to have to know or have experienced everything and can't really admit if they didn't. It's fascinating. Anyway, it's okay. Life goes on. Friendships ebb and flow and people come and go. That's just the way it is. 

Alright, I'm going to shower and walk Mavy. Then feed him. We got him some new food and he seemed to enjoy it last night. Of course, I had made him hike two miles so that may have been why he was hungry. We will see how he feels about it this morning. 

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