28 December 2022

Just a quick post with some thoughts

 I just got an ad for Run the Year. This is a thing where you try to accumulate 2023 miles in 2023. I signed up for it a few years in a row. I never quite made the full amount because that's a lot of miles. Of course, it's only 1 mile a day and I walk at least that much everyday, but I digress. I stopped doing it last year or this year because of my knee. But now I'm fully healthy and back to walking every day and working out I think I might do it again for next year. But this email sent me on a tangent in my mind. 

I am the kind of person that likes routines and habits. Yes, I know, that can turn around and bite me in the ass, I'm learning to be more flexible. But I do like autmated things so I don't have to think about them. Like it says in Atomic Habits, make things automatic and they are more likely to happen. So I like my routines. That goes for my workouts too. I like to have routines, that not only removes the thinking part from it, but then I know when it's going to happen and can plan my life around it. Looking back on my life, whenever I've been my healthiest is when I've been working out regularly. I wouln't necessarily do hours a day, but I would do it every single day. Walking and hiking have always been my preferred method of working out and I walk every day and am working hiking into the routine as often as possible - going to focus on a weekly hike starting this week, but I digress again. The point is, I need to make working out a habit that I do every single day. 

The point of this is that I think I've taken the wrong messages from some of the people that I listen to. They say you can't do Crossfit every day or you can't go and run 5 miles every day and that I get. When I was training for the marathon or doing Crossfit, initially I lost weight. But after a while I stopped losing weight and actually got more fat. So I get it. You can't push your body to the limits every single day. But you can move every single day. I don't think that Supernatural is pushing my body to the limits. I view it more as dancing. There is great music playing, I'm moving around, boom. I don't think that stresses my body out like Crossfit or miles of running does. So I think I am going to sign up for Run the Year. I'm going to walk a lot more this year, since I'm healthy, and I plan on doing Supernatural regularly. So yeah, I'm in. 

I think the bottom line here is to stop focusing on what I shouldn't do - workout to excess every day - and start focusing on what I like doing - Supernatural, walking, lifting weights occasionally. I'm kind of looking around for a word for the year and I'm thinking it will have something to do with this. I need to move every day and if I can't get all my movement through walking, I need to do Supernatural. 

Okay, everyone is up and it's time to get some laundry started. 

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