21 January 2023


 So while I haven't stayed off Facebook completely, I have taken a huge step back from it and it has most definitely helped. I spend my time doing the things I want to do and learning how to do new things. I've mastered my air brush - which was much harder than it sounds. I've played around with resin for some of my laser designs. I've made things that I wanted to make and am in the process of painting and putting them together. I've also made a number of tumblers and mugs. So yeah, not letting Facebook derail me has really helped a lot. 

In other news, school was remote for 2 days. The teachers had to go in but the students were online. I actually enjoyed it. I got to get my lab cleaned up and I got to hang out and with the other science teachers which is something we never get to do. But, I hate online so with any luck at all we will be back on Monday. 

I really got nothing much to say. I'm trying to kill time because it is freezing cold outside and I don't want to walk Mavy yet. So I'll find something constructive to do. 

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