14 March 2023

Some health thoughts

 while I wait for my Cameo to communicate with my computer. 

I just got caught up in a video where I almost spent $300 to have someone tell me what I already know.  It's amazing how easily I can fall into that nonsense. The guy was talking about the best way to lose fat is to carb cycle and HIIT. Duh!!! I knew that. I've known that for years and years. So why am I not doing it? That's what I got out of the video, why am I not doing it? I know exactly what needs to be done. I know that I need to cycle my carbs; high carb for a few days then low carb for a few days; I also know that I need to workout at a high intensity, ,sweating and panting, a couple of times a week. I think it's time. I think that I need to do this more often. 

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