03 June 2023

We have been out of school exactly one week

 and I have reached my boredom level. That's not good. Of course, one of the main reasons I've reached my boredom level so quickly is that I cannot exercise. I had my first  cataract surgery on Tuesday and I can't really exercise for 2 weeks. So that makes things much, much more boring. I feel like a sloth. I've been laying around, taking an excessive amount of naps, hanging in the pool (because I can't get my eye wet), and generally doing a whole lot of nothing. UGH!!!!! I'm over it. I need to keep busy. I've been doing some school work, but my heart is not in that. Yet. I've been cutting things on my laser and I did get some new spray paint, so I will be doing that today. I have been walking Mavy, it's about the only exercise I can get. I'm thinking of walking in the afternoons too. It has not been that hot, maybe too hot for Mavy, but not for me. 

Okay, that was a lot of brain vomit as I cleared my head. I need to figure out things to do to keep as active as possible and to keep my mind busy. Neither of which has been happening and it is driving me crazy. 

Okay, I'm off to walk the Mavster for the first time today. 

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