30 September 2023

Deep Thoughts

 I had some thoughts during our trip and want to dive into them a little more. 

I thought about myself and my attitude toward people. I am a true introvert. Being around people, though I may enjoy it, is so draining on me. I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with Hubby 24/7 and I spent Saturday with a bunch of people I barely knew. Having no time to myself to reenergize, I was completely exhausted all week. I've realized that I need time by myself. Yesterday I worked on my marketing class for a bit, but then I was on the couch all day, watching TV. Hubby was outside. I didn't have to interact much. By late afternoon I felt like myself again. I needed that alone, downtime to recalibrate my mental self. So yeah, I need time alone in order to be myself. I was so drained of energy, I had the hardest time getting through the week. So yeah, it's super important that I get that downtime. I need to keep that in mind whenever we travel. I need to schedule some downtime for myself so that I can get through the whole thing. 

Hubby hardly drank during that whole trip and I could tell. He was reasonable, easy to talk to, and rather pleasant to be around. Yesterday he sat and drank all day and was a bit of a PIA last night. So that's interesting, though I guess I already knew that. 

I do not like driving at night. Not. At. All. Future road trips will include no night driving. We will stop long before it gets dark. 

Oh, the biggest one, is the food on a trip. I discovered something this trip about food. Actually I discovered a couple of things about me and food. First, I don't seem to get very hungry when we are traveling. It's true. I was hungry on Friday morning when we got up, but once we were traveling, I really didn't get hungry much at all. We would eat, but I just ate because I knew I should, not because I was hungry. I found that weird. Second, I really wanted junk food. When I did want to eat, I wanted junk food. It's like junk food and traveling are joined together in my mind. I really don't eat that much junk food when I'm home, but that's really all I wanted while we were on the road. Definitely going to have to work on that thinking. I found the whole food thing so interesting. I didn't drink much water on the trip and have spent the week getting back into the habit of drinking water again. So I used this as a learning experience and now I just need to use this information for good. 

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