29 December 2023

Still a little stressed

 Haven't purchased anything from Amazon in 4 days - go me. But did go to Costco yesterday and spend $300. Of course that was on food, but still. 

I have got to get a handle on this nonsense. I can't live like this. It's blocking me from being creative. I'm stuck and really can't think clearly about my creative stuff because I'm so worried about the money. I mean, I have no one to blame but myself. And it's not like we are broke, not at all. I just need to work on it and get a handle on it so I can stop the stress. I need a plan. That's what I need - a plan. And I can't make a plan unless I know exactly where I am and that requires me to complete the budget. But I don't want to start the budget until the 1st, which is in 3 days. But I could get everything set up and just not put in the the beginning balances until Monday. I need a plan and I need to have it soon to settle my mind. 

In other news, there is no other news. I did spend a lot of time working with my UV resin yesterday and struggling. I'm wondering if this room is too cold for it. The last batch I did put in warm water and that stuff came out better so maybe it is the temperature. I need to master the filling of my laser work so maybe I'll work on that today. I have a bunch of pieces to practice with. If I warm the resin maybe it will be easier to work with. I don't know but I can try. I may not do any resin today now that I think about it. I want to pull out the F1 and play with that. Maybe that's what I'll do. Walk away from the resin for today and let it settle in my head. A lot of times that works for me. Walk away and a solution will come to me. Maybe today will be a computer day. I need to work on biology. Maybe I'll do some work on my website too. 

I don't know. But I'm done rambling for now. 

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