01 April 2024

The follow up

 After Saturday's post, I really dove into my business. I finished up about 50 pairs of earrings that I made about a month ago and they were in various stages of completion. I have cut a number of things I've been wanting to make, I haven't been able to paint them yet because it's been raining here. I came up with ideas and immediately started putting them into action. I have some ideas for things I want to sell that are different and unique and I'm working on that. Just admitting that I had been treating this more like a hobby has seemed to release the floodgates. Saturday I worked at this for like 10 hours. Yesterday I worked at it for about 6 hours and then some friends came over. After they left I worked at it for another couple of hours. I sat on Saturday night and got posts made for a week. That's the kind of work that I need to do. Not just when I feel like it, but all the time. Today we are heading down to Tucson to get a demo of a laser I am interested in. I really want it because it will do things my little diode can't, but I want to see it in action first. Considering I bought this laser not even really knowing what a diode was, I decided to be a little more adult about the next one. So I want to get a few things done before we leave here, but the rest of the day will be spent on the road. 

I am feeling so much better about this thing. I have some ideas I need to work out and I think I can do this. 

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