30 May 2024

Time for a little tough love

 for myself that is. 

So my side business. I have not been able to get it off the ground. I put in some effort and then it fades out. I have these ideas of things I should do, but then I don't follow through. So it's time to get real and get serious with this thing. 

Let's face it, I love to create, I don't love to do marketing. But I know that marketing is necessary. I have to get the word out there. I have to promote my products. I have to let people know that I have things for sale. So it is established that I must do marketing. 

Earlier in the week I made great strides on my Etsy store. I got it set up with pictures and everything. But then I got to listing products and lost all momentum. I tried to do a little bit today but that fell flat. Then I spent all day creating. I am working on earrings and I love making them. I cut them out of wood and then paint them and seal them in resin. So I like to create, I hate to market, but I have to market. Okay, how to handle this. 

What I'm thinking is setting aside a couple of hours every day to marketing. I'm thinking the first few hours since that seems to be when I'm at my best mentally. I don't want to get crazy with how many I set aside because I don't want to burn out and give up. So I'm thinking of devoting 2 hours every morning to marketing. I need to make a list of things I need to do for marketing and then spend the first 2 hours every morning doing those things. I will set a timer for 2 hours and once that goes off I'm done for the day. Now I can continue working if I'm into it, but the point is I don't have to. Once that alarm goes off I can stop if I want to. After that I can create to my hearts content. Again, I will make a list of things I want to record and record those during the day as I work. 

Okay, I have a plan and that makes me feel better. I have to have a plan or I just flounder around trying to decide what to do. So now I have a plan and I feel better. 

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