02 October 2004

Here come the weekend

and along with it the rain. I'm planning on riding my bike to weigh-in this morning and I wake up to lots and lots of rain. It's stopped but it's still looks threatening and I have to leave in the next 20 minutes or so if I'm going to ride. What to do, what to do?????

Well, it's now 7:00 pm and it's been quite a day. I got my butt moving and rode my bike to weigh-in ( down 2.8 lbs woohoo!!!!). I got totally covered in mud due to the early morning rain but oh well. Then I rode over to the mall for lunch (pizza and pasta salad) and got some great pants and a skirt at Sears (it's official, I'm a size 10). Then rode home. Once I got home I went for a swim with the kids (read dogs) and relaxed out back for awhile. After walking the dogs I did a new belly dancing video. It was fun and very, very different. I've found something I can't master immediately; it's something I will actually have to learn!!! Now, I'm waiting for dinner... Overall a really awesome day.

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