26 December 2004

As the end draws near

I contemplate the year that's just past. A lot has happened, not all of it good, and frankly I'm glad it's ending. 2005 is already on a much better note than 2004 and I believe it can only get better. The things that plagued me all year are already turning out to be a non-issue. I know that the turning of a new year does not mean anything special or magical but I can't help but feel that this year it will be different. Maybe it's just the psychological effect of a new beginning, a new start, a clean slate. Nothing is more exciting than a fresh start and this year really feels like I'm getting that. I am looking forward to 2005 like I haven't looked forward to a new year in a long time. It's going to be an awesome year and I just can't wait to get on with it.

So tomorrow morning starts my eating/exercise regimen again. I can't wait to get that going either. My period is over so nothing will keep me down for the next couple of weeks. I wonder if I could hit 155 by January 8th??? That would be really awesome. I think I will really work towards that the next 2 weeks :) Okay, I'm really stoked and positive about future; both short term and long term; and am ready to tackle it full on. Let's go!!!!!

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