24 December 2004

Planning for the New Year

So I've begun my plan for the New Year. I want to accomplish 3 things this year:
1) Begin running again and enter some races
2) Enter some sprint triathalons
3) Lose the last 12 lbs and make my goal weight.

Now that the money is in order and I can stop thinking about that it's time to focus on me. I bought a couple of books today on running and triathalon training. Over the next week I'm going to read them; develop a training plan and develop an eating plan so I can succeed in my goals. I will do all the necessary shopping and stocking and get all the prep and mental work done. Then on January 3rd the real work begins. Now I did this last year with the Firm workouts and that worked well. I lost 20lbs over the course of the year and developed some serious muscles. Well, now it's time to take it to the next level.

Okay, back to reading up on training :)

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