30 January 2005

Another new start....

Okay, it's time to begin yet again. At first I was angry that I had to start yet again. Then I realized that my "breaks" are getting shorter and shorter so I'm doing this fresh start thing more often. On the whole I think that's good. So tomorrow it begins again. I made my breakfast frittata and the 0 point soup and I am ready. I've laid out my new exercise program:
Mon: a.m. aerobics
p.m. Nordic track, weights, abs
Tues: a.m. aerobics
p.m. Running
Wed: a.m. Aerobics
p.m. Nordic track, weights, abs
Thurs: a.m. Aerobics
p.m. Running
Fri: a.m. Aerobics
p.m. Nordic Track, weights, abs
Sat: a.m. Aerobics
p.m. Pilates
Sun: a.m. 8k Race
p.m. Yoga

Okay, that will take me through the week with exercise. As for the food part:
1) I will eat strictly Core this week
2) I will journal every little bite even though I'm eating Core
3) I will drink 3 liters of water every day.
4) I will end all eating by 8:30pm, sooner if possible.

There you have it, my game plan for this week. I will check back in here every night and update my progress....

Good Night.

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