22 February 2005


Today was the Great Aloha Run. I really enjoy that race, it's just fun.... I think I may have overdone the race though. I have been sore all day and have been feeling lazy and sluggish all day. I'm starting to feel better so I think I'll live. I didn't do as good as I had hoped but better than I thought I would considering I was sick most of the week. I now know I have to run more, I'm just not doing it enough. So I have to develop a set running schedule and really stick to it. I have a 10k in 2 weeks and a 10k the following weekend. I want to kick butt in both of those and I need to train if I'm going to do that. So I'm off to bed to get some rest but here's my workout schedule this week:

Tues a.m. The Firm
p.m. Boot Camp

Wed a.m. Step Aerobics
p.m. Run 30-34 minutes

Thurs a.m. The Firm
p.m. Boot Camp

Fri a.m. Step Aerobics
p.m. Pilates

Sat a.m. Aerobics
later a.m. Run 6 miles

Sun a.m. Yoga
p.m. Pilates
p.m. Bike Ride

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