18 February 2005

Day 5

Okay, doing good. Things are back to normal (well, almost)!! My sinuses are killing me but other than that I feel great. Overslept a little bit this morning so I only did 1/2 hour of aerobics. But tonight I did Pilates. I'm saving Yoga for tomorrow night and possibly Sunday night too before my big race Monday.

I'm a little nervous about the GAR on Monday but I've done this race before with absolutely no training so I should be fine. I've set my goal on 1:15 and I think that is totally and completly doable. That's an average 9 minute mile which is a little fast for me but I think it's not out of the question completely. I'm going for a 6 mile run tomorrow and then Sunday is a day of rest. I'm going to run errands with Charlie.

Okay, enough rambling I'm off to get some dinner and relax - IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!

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