03 February 2005


So I didn't log in yesterday because I was busy. I'm volunteering at the Humane Society and last night was our initial training. They want me to work in the clinic since I have vet clinic experience but the hours don't work for me. So I'm going again next Wednesday to train in outdoor care, basically taking care of the dogs that are up for adoption, and I'm hoping I can get into dog behavior - that would be cool. I'd like to get good at dog training for my own selfish reasons.

Day 3:
Wednesday went well. I did aerobics in the morning (Kathy Smith); nothing in the evening due to the above mentioned training. The training ran until 6:30pm and I was so hungry when I got out all I could do was get home and eat dinner. I thought I'd be able to exercise first, but clearly that didn't work.

Day 4:
Off to a not so great start. I got my new Palm yesterday and spent last night and this morning playing with it and getting everything I want loaded on it. SOOOO, I didn't exercise this morning :( Then on the way to work I really felt like another cup of coffee so I stopped and got one and ended up buying a muffin too :( But that's okay. I have a good lunch and when I get home tonight will run and lift weights to make up for last night.

Okay, conscience is clear now. I can get on with my day.

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