28 February 2005


I have to decide what I want. What is my goal as far as weight loss and exercise go? I need to spend a few minutes and try to get a handle on this.

Exercise: What do I want???
I want to be able to run easily and well. I'd like to do about a 9-10 minute mile. I'd also like to have endurance. I want to be able to run a marathon; not necessarily fast just to finish, 5 hours or so would be great.

For strength training I'd like to be strong. I'd like to have definition in my arms and legs. This is harder to define a goal as I want to do it to help with weight loss. Okay, I know. How about a goal of strength training 3x a week. That way I have a goal of time not accomplishment!!!

My nutritional goals are to eat healthy. Limit my consumption of sugar to once a month. Eat 3 fruits a day and a veggie with every meal. Also, keep my calories at around 1500 - 1700 a day in order to facilitate weight loss.

Finally, my mind-body goals are to do yoga 2x a week and pilates 2x a week.

I think this has been missing - a real game plan. I've been floating around for awhile now, time to move on.......

Okay, I have a plan and I'm off to work it....

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