15 March 2005

I refuse to feel guilty

because I did not exercise this morning. I got up yesterday and tried to do some step aerobics only to have my left knee become so painful I could not put any weight on it. I had to stop 30 mins into it. I took ibuprofen all day and last night my knee felt good until we walked the dogs. They were very hyper and started running which set my knee off again. I did manage to do my strength and functional exercises with no pain or problems. But my knee was sore the rest of the night. When the alarm went off this morning I could feel my knee was a little sore as I stretched in bed. So I decided to pass on exercise this morning, since it was running and that set my knee off yesterday, and just take it easy. If my knee feels better I can always do it tonight or I can use this as my rest day. I will take ibuprofen all day to reduce the internal swelling and it should be fine tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I am not going to feel guilty!!! I need to get my knee better so I don't seriously damage it. Okay, I feel better now and can go on with my day :)

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