12 March 2005

UGH!!! It's raining.

The freaking weatherpoeple were right for a change, bastards!!! It's raining like crazy here, has been all night, and with no wind looks like it's gonna stay for awhile; bastards!!!!

Anyhoo, I just have to blow my own horn. I got up this morning to pouring rain and decided to stay home since everytime it rains like this the Waikane stream floods and I didn't want to get stuck on the other side of it. So no open market and no weight watchers. Instead I decide to do some aerobic activity and the strength and functional exercises I blew off last night. I exercised for 1.5 hours this morning, woo hoo for me!!!!! I then made myself an incredible omlet and Texas potatoes for breakfast. Now I'm off to veg and read my book till I get inspired to do something else.

The real reason I'm so proud of myself is it would have been so easy to blow exercise off this morning, believe me it crossed my mind more than once, but I did it anyway. Yeah for me!!!!!

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