11 March 2005

Yeah, It's Friday :)

I do like Fridays. So, let's look back on the week. I did pretty good and am feeling fine about myself in general. I ate fairly well though I did not track points or calories or even follow Core. I exercised as I was supposed to except for tonight. I'm supposed to do strength and functional exercises tonight and just do not feel like it. I rarely lie around and do nothing but on Friday nights that's what I want to do. So the program says strength train 3x a week and functional exercise 6x a week. So if I do strength tomorrow, that will be 3 times, and functional exercises tomorrow and Sunday, that will be 6x. That will work. I have a race Sunday morning so that will be my extended exercise day and tomorrow I want to go for a bike ride if it's not raining like they threatened. I also want to do yoga and belly dancing this weekend. That should satisfy all my requirements and be some fun. :) Okay, well, I'm really stoked and am off to enjoy my night.

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