07 April 2005

I Feel Strong

My treadmill run this morning was completely awesome. I did 5 x 400m intervals. 3 of the 5 were done over 6.0mph. 1 was done over 7.0mph but I couldn't keep that up the whole way. It was awesome and I felt incredible. I really am getting stronger. I'm increasing my speed and my recovery time is incredible. It's amazing to feel this way. I really am beginning to feel like a true athelete. I love it.

Yesterday my eating wasn't so good. I had cookies at work and salty snacks with dip when I got home. I also didn't do my functional exercises; not a huge problem since I did some great stretching in the morning; but I should have done them anyway.

Tonight is strength and functional exercises. Tomorrow is a rest day from running. I'll do something just not sure what yet.

I just can't believe how great I am feeling. I feel my muscles all through my body. My back has not hurt me in weeks. I do get twinges in my IT band and my knees but overall nothing serious. I feel absolutely amazing!!!!

I love this feeling and need to keep it going.....

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