13 April 2005

Okay, so I went from a super high on Sunday to

the dregs last night and today. I just don't understand why I can't find consistency. I try so hard and then suddenly it all falls apart.

So Monday I took off because of my very busy weekend and that felt good. I should note that I kind of ate whatever I wanted on Sunday though I wasn't toooo bad. Yesterday I got up and ran for 3 miles. Actually it was more of a walk/run but I put in 3 miles and that was the point. My right knee was acting up a little all day. It's not pain just a feeling like something is a little out of whack there. Anyway, Charlie wasn't home last night and I had every intention of doing a serious workout; strength and functional. On the way home I stopped at Safeway to pick up something for dinner and that was the end of my best plans. I decided I would get something for dessert and one of their large cookies really sounded good. As I walked around I talked myself into getting the new Jello Sundaes (which are only 100 calories) and I was very proud of myself. So what did I do next?? Walked over to the cookies and got not one, but two. I checked out and then threw the cookies on the front seat. Well, suffice it to say neither cookie made it home alive. I felt so full and disgusted with myself that I ended up not exercising. But, on the positive side, I did get large areas of my room clean :) I picked up Lean Cuisine's Skillet Sensations for dinner and it was quite good. Only 4 points. Not bad at all. That and a Jello Sundae and I was done for the evening. Or so I thought. A bowl of Kashi Go Lean heavy on the sugar was to be had before the night was over. I really felt disgusted with myself... I don't know why I do this but it really pisses me off.

I got up this morning and did Karen Voight's Personal Best. I did it better then I've ever done it before. I really jumped on the jumping parts; I worked the weights hard; and pushed the abs. It felt really good. I also decided to start journaling again so opened FitDay and jumped right in. So today is DAY ONE. I will blog every day for the next 15 days and I will stick to my program. I have my birthday and a Jimmy Buffett concert in that time but I have to get used to living my life with this program.

Okay, I feel better. Tonight I will post the results of today; calories and exercise. I will do this, I will be accountable to myself.......

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