23 April 2005

What an awesome day!!!!

Well, I've learned a lot today.

First, I thought I was eating really well and basically on Core. WRONG!!! I used 25 flex points today. I only get 35 for the whole week. Bummer.

Second, I thought my exercise more than made up for the things I ate. WRONG!!!! I think I have found where the problem is with my weight loss or lack there of.

It's really been an eye-opening day. I haven't been journaling or logging in any real way and thought I could do it in my head. Boy, was I wrong. Here I was thinking I was doing so incredibly well and getting pissed that I wasn't loseing weight and all along it was my fault.

That was really the whole point of this new start. To find out where I'm going wrong and correct it. Already after the first day I have a pretty good idea what is happening. I'm doing Core, counting Points, and tracking calories on FitDay. I really need to get a handle on my nutrition and I'm not sure the best way to do that so I'll do everything. I'll do that this week and see how it goes and what plan is best for me.

I'm very pleased with today and tomorrow will be just as good. I do need to plan because Charlie will want to go out to breakfast. If we go to Nick's I think I will have an omelet with hash browns and not eat the toast. I will have some pancake as those are just too good to pass up. I will get up and run before we go anywhere so I will have exercise under my belt before the day starts.

Okay, I'm getting tired.....

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