02 May 2005

I just did the most amazing workout!!!!

It was awesome.

Here's what happened. Saturday I kind of wussed out on my trail run. I was out for 1.5 hours but I mostly walked not ran. Sunday was just too beautiful and we spent most of the day on the beach - it was unreal.... This morning I couldn't drag my butt out of bed so I didn't exercise. All day I was thinking I really needed to do my strength training and since Charlie was going out I figured I had no excuses. So after Charlie left I dragged out the treadmill and the weights out. My plan was to walk/run for 1/2 an hour then do weights. Well, once I started I really didn't feel like doing that so I warmed up for 10 minutes then started the strength portion. I did my sets and then ran 1 minute between sets. It was a great workout and I felt awesome when I was done. That is a great, great workout and I plan to do that one every strength night.

I feel awesome.... A great way to get back on track......

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