03 May 2005

I'm searching for consistency!!!

That's really all I want out of my life at this point - consistency!!! Sunday and Monday morning I felt like I'd never exercise again. Last night I did my kickass bootcamp workout and this morning I couldn't wait to get up and run. Don't know exactly what turns the desire to exercise on/off I just wish I could get it to stay on...

I can't let my mood affect my workouts ( I know this is part of the problem). For the last couple of days I have been worrying about money. It will work out but things are tight and will be for a couple of weeks. Last night a light shown through the darkness and I felt slightly relieved. This translated into a totally killer workout. This morning I felt great and while running realized I need to focus on the positive and not the negative so much. So, even though I've said this before, I need to quote positive things everyday.

The biggies are: I get to live in Hawaii
I get to live in a house on the beach in Hawaii
I have my dogs who love me unconditionally and my husband who mostly does too :)
I have a good job that I enjoy.

I need to keep these things in mind. Money may be tight but I am very, very lucky and need to keep that in focus at all times.

I guess I should go get some work done now....

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