05 June 2005

Woo Hooo!!!!!

Yeah!!!! I finally got to run again and my god it felt great.

After my week of imposed slothness this morning was my 5k. The start time was 6:30a.m. - what the hell are they thinking???? So I dragged my butt out of bed at 4:45 and after coffee and a shower am off. Oh yeah, we had a wedding party last night. We were dancing and drinking from 6:00pm last night on. But, I was soooooo looking forward to my run today I limited myself to 2 drinks and was home and in bed by 11:00 pm. Okay, I get there and park my car then get ready putting on my shoes, mp3 player, hat, sunglasses, etc. The whole time worried about my ankle. So I jogged very, very slowly from my car to the start line and the ankle felt good. Once the race began I started off very, very slow. I was so incredibly paranoid about reinjuring my ankle. Normally when I run I look forward you know, keep your head up, all that happy crap. Well today as I ran I looked down right in front of my feet about 3 feet out. I would not step on anything. I'm sure people thought I was absolutely nuts jumping left and right to avoid stepping on anything but sidewalk. I looked like a fool but I didn't care. So I ran slowly at first and then slowly started to increase my speed and soon I was passing people and feeling just awesome. I finished the race in 35:01 minutes which translates to approx. 11 mins per mile. Which means I did a negative split because my first mile was 11:24. Excellent!!! Okay, so I'm feeling awesome and am happy to be back exercising.

After a 1 week delay due to injury, tomorrow I will begin my 6-week program. I need a snappy name for it. Ban the blubber. Blubber blast. I like that; The 6-week Blubber Blast!!! That's what it's called. I'm gonna write that on my book. Tonight I wll spend getting ready to get back in the saddle tomorrow. I really can't wait. I remember a time, not that long ago, when I would rather have not exercised. While I still have to talk myself into it, being forced to take time off it really miserable. I will remember this next time I complain how I hate to exercise.

Oh yeah, I got a computer for my bike so now I know how far I ride instead of just guessing....

Off to Plan because; A failure to plan is a plan to fail......

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