12 June 2005

Well, I've been avoiding this place but now it's time

to face the music.

I've really consciously avoided coming here all week and I'm not positive why. The week didn't go as well as I'd hoped it would. Maybe it's just a case of avoidance.....

So, to recap last week. I managed to exercise 6 times out of 11 scheduled. Not too bad. I realized after Monday that jumping right back in where I left off was not the way to go. I was completely beat up after my boot camp session monday night. Trying to run on Tuesday morning was like trying to move lead weights (my legs) around. So I took it a little slower the rest of the week and was in much better shape.

Today was my 1/2 marathon. Now I thought that even though I haven't been running much due to my ankle, I was ready for this. Oh my god was I wrong!!!! I did great up to mile 8 then I hit the wall. I had a hard time finishing and walked the last 5.1 miles. I was in utter agony. My legs, feet and hips were just killing me. I kept looking at places to sit thinking I'll just sit for a minute. Luckily I didn't sit or I'd still be there. So I stumbled across the finish line and came home an fell into bed. I've spent the day laying down and sleeping; sometimes at the same time :)
What is it BNL says, chapter read and lesson learned !!!

So tomorrow I begin again. I will exercise 2x every day but I will alter the intensity as needed. I fully plan on getting up in the morning and going for a bike ride. I think that will work the joints without putting excessive strain on them.

Also, since this past week was TTOM my eating has been way off. Time to work on that also.

Since I'm not in the mood to get all heavy and thoughtful, I think I'll go eat dinner and go to bed...

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