24 July 2005

Something new and different.

So I'm trying this new blogger publisher that I picked up off Renee's site (Renee I hope you get something out of this). Sometimes I like to work on my entries for awhile and logging onto blogger each time can be annoying so I'm going to give this a try.

Well, about 5:30 this morning tons of sirens went flying by our house causing Rocco to howl like an old hound dog. This is Rocco; all 98 lbs of him.
So he sits on the end of the bed howling up a storm as all the emergency vehicles go by. After a few minutes of this both the hubby and I are wide awake and no chance of going back to sleep. So, I've been up since around 5:30 on the first Sunday in a really long time where I don't have to work :(.

I did get a chance to see the end of the Tour de France. Lance took #7; that is truly amazing. You know, over the course of the last 3 weeks I've seen a lot of info on Lance and it really stops and makes you think. First off, clearly he won the genetic lottery. I heard a Dr. say that if Lance never exercised he would be in the same shape as athlete who exercised for 2-3 years. So clearly genetics played a huge part in his ability. But he took that and made the most of it. He trains for hours a day. He has built up his aerobic capacity to amazing levels through his training. This really makes me stop and think; I'll never be like Lance but I should take advantage of the natural abilities I do have. I should keep moving and training and pushing myself to find my limits. I don't have the time to train like Lance does but I have time to train a lot more than I do right now. I use any excuse to stay in bed in the morning. I use any excuse not to do what I have planned for the day. Well, if this man can battle testicular, lung, and brain cancer and go on to win 7 Tours, I think I can drag my fat, lazy ass out of bed in the morning to do an hour of aerobics.

When I got up this morning it was raining; so I almost immediately wrote off my planned bike ride. My plan B to do aerobics is a no go as I am so sore from yesterday. Well, as I'm sitting here typing this the clouds are moving and the sun is coming through. Maybe if I wait till 7:30 or so I will be able to do my bike ride.
So from now on I'm going to use my LIVESTRONG bracelet as a talisman. If he can do what he did, I can certainly move my butt more.

So I'm off to ride my bike and think about the coming week and what I want to do health wise.
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