31 July 2005


I swear I hate computers!!! Okay, I have this little internet business I'm trying to get going. I started it in December and have been working at it on and off since then. Well I decided it's time to really step it up and try to get it off the ground. One of the problems I was having was the web hosting company (who shall remain nameless) and their (lack of) customer service. Every single time I ran into a problem I would either get an email back that did not answer the question I asked (god, how that pisses me off) or I would get their voice mail. And of course it takes 2 days to get a return call. So, since I'd now had my website for a few months I knew what I was looking for in a hosting company. I did some research, looked around, and chose another company. I cancelled my existing account and they informed me it would take 12-72 hours to cancel it; no problem. It was cancelled the next day and they informed me how to transfer my domain name to my new host. My new host also sent info on how to transfer it so I was set, so I thought..... I followed the instructions exactly and submitted the transfer. A message told me it would take 12-48 hours to propagate the change over the internet; no problem since I did it Tuesday night I should have it by Thursday and I could get my website back up over the weekend. As of right this minute has it been transferred??? NO!!! I'm so freaking angry!!! This is why I left that stinking company!!! They suck!!!!!!! One thing I really, really hate is incompetence. THIS IS YOUR JOB!! THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS!! THIS IS WHAT YOU DO!! DO IT!!!! Ugh!!! I'm not asking them to do something strange or unusual; I'm just asking them to do their job........ UGH!!!!! Okay, enough about that....

Today was good but boy, am I tired. I got up at 7:30 and went for a 1 hour bike ride. Then it was a shower and off to breakfast and work. After that we went shopping at like 5 different stores all over the freaking island. On top of that I started my period which makes me tired. The really good thing was I was craving something sweet (from my period I realized) so at Sam's Club I took up a position right across from the cookie sampler. That worked out real well because I didn't buy any sweets; I had my fill at Sam's Club :)

Now, I finally get a chance to relax... I'm off to watch tv and veg on the couch with my bag of grapes. I'm soooooo hungry :)

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