30 July 2005

It's been a good few days with today being the best!!

I've really been eating well and exercise has been good. It's like something has happened and everything has fallen into place. I'm not sure what I did or how I did it but it happened. I no longer find myself craving sweets, I'm no longer stuffing myself but stopping when I'm full, I find myself making good choices even when not so good ones are available. I'm glad it's happened I just wish I knew what it was so I could tell people about it and they could do it too.

I've started walking the dogs in the morning. It's for them (Rocco and Nala both need to lose weight) and for me. Once I get my butt out of bed and moving I'm ready to exercise. So heading out with the dogs is a good warm up. By the time I get back I'm raring to go. I did take Friday off because I had plans of making today and tomorrow big exercise days. Today has worked out so far. I got up this morning and walked the dogs then came back and did the Firm Maximum Cardio Burn. Then it was off to WW with my butt and I was down .4 lbs - YEAH!!!! Before I left the house I was undecided about what I was going to do. I had planned on trying a run today but last night while walking the dogs I twisted my ankle yet again!!!! But after my aerobics this morning I felt really great so I threw my shoes in the car just in case. After WW I decided to take my old 6 mile walk so I headed off to the park where I start from. In my car I found my ankle brace that I had bought when I twisted my other ankle (oh where does this madness end??) and never really used. So I said to myself, "Self! If I wear this brace I can probably run some!" So I put on my brace, my shoes, my iPod, my hat and I was off. This is a nice walkway about 3.5 miles through a marshland so you get to see ducks and geese and all kind birds, it's nice. I started walking but pretty soon had to try running. I ran slow and stayed on the cement walk and it felt pretty good. I ran most of the the way out and was feeling pretty pleased with myself. On the way back I decided to try the gravel road. Now this was scary because some of the gravel is big enough to twist your ankle on. But I figured the fear is what's hurting me the most. I'm so damn afraid of twisting it again that I'm definetly going to twist it. So I headed off on the gravel walking. It was absolutely fine so I decided to try running. Again, I started real slow and was paranoid careful about where I stepped but after a few minutes I was picking up speed and doing great. I ran most of the way back and only stopped because my legs were getting tired. Since that's what happened last time I sprained it, I got tired and continued to run, I decided not to push it and walked the rest of the way. So it wasn't the 6 miles I had planned but I did do some running and it felt great. I've been wearing the brace all afternoon and my ankle is feeling awesome.

Well, that long rambing story took longer than my morning did :) After all that I went and did one of my favorite things: shopping!!! I had a 30% coupon for Lady Footlocker and they carry my running shoes so I went and got a pair so I'd have them when I need them. I also hit Sears clearance sale and got some seriously cute shorts and undies. Well, that was my day. Now I need to work on my website so as soon as my domain is propogated I can get it up.

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