23 August 2005

Great bike ride this morning!

Today was my bike morning. I got up at 4:50a.m. to get the dogs walked first. Then I hung around waiting for the sun to rise so I could ride my bike. I haven't ridden my bike in almost 2 weeks and I was really looking forward to it. Of all 3 sports; running, swimming, biking; biking is by far my favorite. So the sun rose and I was out the door. On tap was a tempo ride, 2 x 10 mins. I took a nice leisurely 5 minutes to warm up then opened it off and took off. For 10 minutes I was cranking. Since I haven't got a computer for this bike I don't know how fast I was going but I was flying. That sprint took me to the Poi Factory - my standard morning turnaround point. The it was nice 5 minute cruise with lots of spinning, very relaxing. Then it was off for another 10 munites, this took me almost all the way back home. Then it was a 5 minute cruise along to beach to cool down. Awesome, just awesome. It felt great. It would have felt much better if the humidity wasn't so high and there were any tradewinds at all. But that's okay; I covered 7 miles in 30 minutes and that's pretty good.

I decided on my ride this morning to set a goal for the Na Wahine Sprint Triathlon coming up in September. I want to place in my age group so I'm aiming for a 1:15 finish. It's only a sprint tri so that should not be a problem. Okay, I have a plan and I'm going to work really hard for that.

I find it absolutely amazing that last week I could hardly drag my ass out of bed yet this week I'm making plans to place in my age group at my next tri.....

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:) said...

Nice goal...it seems so much easier to get out there when you have something you are working toward!

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