This is how I started my day:

This was a rest day so my morning exercise was walking the dogs. Here we are at 6:00 a.m. me and 2 dog butts...

This was the veiw in front of me.

But this was the view behind me.

Is this not awesome?? This is why I live where I live.

If you look real close between the 2 land masses in the distance and below the clouds, rising out of the water you can see the slopes of Maui on the left and Molokai on the right. I swear to you this is the most amazing place on earth....

And this is what's across the street. Not to shabby eh??

So I did not want to go to work this morning, as you may have guessed, I wanted to stay home and play with the dogs on the beach. But, it was Monday, the boss is on vacation, and there were things to be done so I went in. It turned out not to be too bad a day so that was good...

When I got home I went for a swim. The schedule was to swim for an hour, but since I've never swam for longer then about 15 minutes I decided that was too much. I did swim for 30 minutes though. That was just awesome. It felt great. That's longer than I've every swam at one time and it felt great. I was working on my form and some drills. Drills in the ocean are harder than in a pool though so that didn't last long. The important part is I did it and I feel awesome.....


Flatman said…
Those are some amazing photos! I am very green with envy right now. I have been to Hawaii once, but would love to return someday!

Nice blog!

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