10 August 2005

I hate being sick.

I really, really hate it. I started feeling bad yesterday and it got worse till this morning when I really felt like crap. I stayed home from work and pretty much slept most of the day. I started feeling better by about 2:00 this afternoon. Tonight I feel pretty okay though my head is still a little foggy. The worst part of today was my eating. I wasn't really hungry earlier so I had coffee and peanut butter toast and I was totally full. Around 12:30 I had an apple and some potatoe chips and was totally full. Then about 4:00 I really started getting hungry and had Charlie pick up fried chicken and chocolate cake. I ate 2 pieces of fried chicken (and a salad) and half of a chocolate pound cake. Ugh!!! I feel terrible now. But I just brushed my teeth and am getting ready to head to bed. I need to not let this get to me. I need to pick my butt up and get right back on track tomorrow. I am going to get up and walk the dogs. Then I'm going to exercise; I would like to run but I'll settle for a brisk walk on the treadmill. I will go back to proper eating and not let this slip get to me..

On a good note; my ankle has not hurt all day. I have not gone for an entire painfree day since I twisted it on July 2nd. I'm very excited and happy about that. I really can't wait to get out in the morning and see how it feels. I will continue to wear my brace for a few more days to make sure it's really healed. Woo Hoooo!!!!!

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