28 August 2005

I've been avoiding this place,

but now it's time to face the music. First, let me cover the nonsensical stuff. I purchased a printer yesterday. Actually, I purchased a printer/copier/scanner yesterday at Sam's Club for only $70.00. I have not had a printer for over a year and you have no idea how annoying it can be sometimes. I would have to e-mail stuff I wanted to print to work and then print it there; annoying!!!

We also ate with abandon yesterday. We went out to breakfast; purchased huge sub sandwiches for lunch; topped it off with dinner at Haleiwa Joe's including mai tai's and dessert. I'm not real sure what happened but it was a food day. Today, by contrast, has been a no food day. It's 2:30pm and I've only eaten a pb&j sandwich.

Now for the tough stuff. After much careful consideration I decided to not exercise at all since my injury on Wednesday. That appears to have proved to be a good idea as the ankle is really feeling good. Now however it is time to get back into action. I am going to avoid running this week but I will be swimming, biking, and weight training. I figure I can get really good at my swimming while not running. So I will post my new workout schedule on the side there and get on it.

I have been working all day cleaning my computer room, desk and general area. This place gets to be a real pig sty if I don't stay on top of it and I haven't been :( But I got everything either put away or thrown away. So I'm happy. Charlie should be home from work soon so I'm going to take this rubbish out and get something to eat...

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